I am womanly but never prissy, guarded but still soft, a feminist yet old-fashioned, at times more liberal and at others more conservative, wise yet sometimes foolish, classy but seldomly ratchet, a daily struggle who’s discovering my strength.


Me 🙂

My name is Capricia. I’m a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, grad student, social worker, and most notably, a big cousin. I love to write in any and every form. While my tongue may fumble, my fingers speak with eloquence and confidence.

I began this blog in 2013 and have been revising and editing it ever since. For the 12-17 people who have peeked at it since its beginning, it has probably looked completely different each time. Sorry, I’m indecisive. However, after all of the going back and forth, I needed to be reminded of why I started it in the first place.


Everyone say hi to Teddy 🙂

Outside of my love for writing, I started this blog simply to reach out. As one who’s never quite fit in with any particular group, I feel that my heart is a little more sensitive to those who feel as if they don’t belong. You may call them rejects. Or eccentric. Or just plain weird. I call them misfits. They, like me, are the ones who don’t fit the factory specifications of who the world tells us who we should be or how we should look, dress, act, etc. We may get overlooked. At other times we stand out like a sore thumb. We may not always (or ever) have the right thing to say at the right time. We may watch too much Netflix, and we may spend more time alone than we should, whether that’s by choice or by circumstance. We have flaws. We have bruises. Some of our buttons may be missing, and some of us may have a little too much stuffing. But as misfits, that is part of what make us unique. You’ll never find another quite like us. And as soon as we begin to appreciate this, the sooner we’ll realize where we do belong.

So that is what a misfit queen is about: embracing all of you – the flaws, the scars, the things you are proud to show and the things you hide – a journey that I am still on myself. And by doing so, we will give others permission to do the same. I want this blog to be a place that I not only share my personal journey but also a place that you feel that you belong as well – because you do. Please feel free to indulge in my randomness and comment with your own if you feel free.




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